How many mates do you have?

Most people didn’t know the definition of a mate

We hit the streets of London to find out how many friends people think they have.

We mainly learned that people don’t know the definition of friends or the difference between close and not close friends, judging by the amount of times they said “like” before picking a number.

Joyce, 21, Assistant

Maybe 3-5 friends, not many at all. It would be nice to have more with similar interests and who are freer and don’t have jobs!

Paul, 30, Writer

Like best friends probably about seven… but I’m very lucky, I’ve lived in a few countries so I have a lot.

About 25 people came to my 30th but I know a lot of people.

Sasha, 31, Singer/songwriter

I actually started writing a list the other day, if I were to have a wedding who to invite, because my brother is getting married.

I had like 15 people who had to be there and then maybe like 50/60.

Juan-Pedro, 25, Student 

Like real friends or…? I have like seven close friends. But people I know, there are a lot… it could be like 20-25.

Carolina, 24, Brand manager for a fashion import company (in Uruguay)

Really close friends, I have about seven but then I have two big groups of friends. One (who call themselves Mafia) of like 10 people and the other of about 15.

Fabio, 26, Unemployed

I have like four close friends. But really like 100… I don’t know I don’t really think about it much.

Raychru, 29, Air hostess

On Facebook probably like 4-500 but close friends maybe 50… yeah, I’m happy with it!

Ross, 25, Traveller

I have a  reasonable amount. I mean I came to London today from Australia today to meet a friend, so I have at least one. But otherwise, like seven or eight close friends.

Bram, 28, Journalist

What kind of friends? Real friends? Maybe 100… close friends maybe 10. It’s a good amount but I wish everyone lived closer!

Allaister, 20, Student

Umm, what’s the definition of friends? Probably 20 close friends but if we’re talking really close, like 5 out of that.

Sooah, 27, Fashion design student

I mean in this country? Well, in the UK not that many, I don’t have enough time to meet new people. I’m from South Korea and at home about 20.

I like to contact people, I don’t really wait for people to text me so when I think of someone I’ll message them straight away, so I stay in touch with people.

Phil, 24, Film industry

Proper friends? Like three. Not proper friends, I don’t know – like 30?

Aurora, 25, Journalist

I have like 25 in England, probably 50 back home in Paris/around the world.

Laura, 39, and Jackie, 27, Care home workers

L: Like, five, but overall probably like 150.

J: I have like three close friends at least and then probably the same overall, like 150.