Best clubbers: Euros 2016 edition!

You little tykes

Term is over. The clubs have closed their doors to student and welcomed in the dregs of the locals – because, obviously, the best and most ardent English clubbers have popped over the channel to take our lowkey drinking culture to the Euros. It’s been honestly so great.

Couple of the week

Defensive dancing of the week

‘Mate, you are definitely too drunk to negotiate with the bouncer’ of the week

Hero of the week

He’s just getting involved.

‘Should have got an Uber’ of the week

Really good reference of the week

He’s talking about notorious footballer Paul Gascoigne.

Besties of the week

The one who just wanted a quiet night out to be honest

Loser of the week

Unfortunately, Dave’s mates told him they’d be on board with the group costume. They weren’t.

‘All my uncles say streaking is classic so here goes’ of the week

Last minute costumes of the week

Fitties of the week

Nah just kidding there are none.

‘Mistakes were made’ of the week


Bunch of blokes who know exactly what the ref needs to do and are angry about it