We asked people at Parklife which way they’re voting in the EU Referendum

In or out?


Over the weekend we visited PARKLIFE festival in Heaton Park, Manchester and asked the muddy festival goers on their opinion on the EU referendum.

David –  Novelist @ BBC 1xtra stage

“Honestly? I’m not even voting, I don’t know enough about it and don’t want to vote for the wrong thing.”

Sarah – Yousef @ Yousef presents: Circus

“I’m voting to stay in because I don’t want to have to pay for a visa when I travel!”

Ben – Section Boyz @ BBC 1xtra stage

“I’m not sure to be honest, whatever Corbyn is backing.”

Sophie – Dimension @ MTA stage

“In because of the Erasmus programme which lets British students study abroad.”

? (he just shrugged when I asked his name) – Preditah @ BBC 1xtra stage

“In, because worker’s rights are protected.”

Alex – B.traits @ Elrow

“Brexit? When’s his set?”

Liam – My Nu Leng B2B Oneman @ Rodigan’s Super Jam

“We should stay, it’s better to be part of a group than on your own.”

Aiden – DJ EZ @ Rodigan’s Super Jam

“Worker’s rights could go to shit if we leave, we should stay.”

Charlotte – Mura Masa @ Sounds of The Near Future

“Leaving and staying could both be good but we will never know until it actually happens.”

Ellie – Skream @ Elrow

“Wouldn’t we have more control over our own country if we left?”

Charlie – Ice Cube @ Main Stage

“Defo stay, the pros outweigh the cons by a mile.”

Joe – Skepta @ Main Stage

“Our trade links will be weaker if we leave, we should stay.”