Hannah Gross

News Writer

Hannah Gross
Glasgow, UK | Houston, TX
Glasgow University

Newswriting, contemporary youth politics, student opinion, literature, features, art, creative industries, proofreading, investigation, interviews, higher education news, Glasgow news, languages.

  • Hannah Gross is a contributor of The Tab Glasgow. She writes articles and features on Glasgow news, UofG updates, and student opinion.
  • Her areas of interest as a journalist are in reporting on current events and opinions. She primarily writes news articles in addition to larger, more in-depth student opinion features.
  • She is an eager bookworm, sightseer, and foodie, with a keen interest in literature, culture, art, politics, food, languages, religion, and creative industries.


Hannah joined the Jewish Herald Voice, a small, Jewish newspaper in 2022, as the youngest proofreading intern the publication has had on board. She then went on to become a part-time contributor, in addition to her proofreading internship. Hannah has as well freelanced for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and the Glasgow Guardian.


Hannah attended Pearson Online Academy, achieving all A's in AP, IB, and Honours. In addition to graduating a year early due to her accelerated learning. She is currently is an undergraduate student at the University of Glasgow studying towards a Master of Arts in English Literature and Creative Practices & Industries.


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Demonstration held in Glasgow in solidarity with Israel as antisemitism rises

Participants gathered together to express their sympathies and hope