Francesca Platt

Scientists go sharking

It’s like shark week but in no way as exciting

Breast Cancer breakthrough

Exeter PHD student hopes to revolutionise breast cancer testing

Re-experience your childhood

Exeter University’s short story journal is embracing poetry to discuss childhood

Timepiece attack has inspirational ending

Talented Tiverton Footballer was brutally attacked outside Timepiece but now hopes to run the London Marathon.

Bill Douglas Centre embraces the digital age

Exeter University’s history of cinema museum is embracing digital technology to open up international interest

Street lights still at risk

The plans to turn off Exeter street lights at night will be subject to public consultation in May 2013.

Professor Mean?

Professor Green’s nasty case of ‘unforseen circumstances’ means tonight’s gig has been cancelled.

Have your say: SSB

Fun, Sex and Suspicious Dress Codes – The Tab investigates your thoughts on this year’s SSB.

Whatchu been sayin’ about the Ram?

The Tab investigates how the Ram is faring under new management.