Charlotte Hutton

Charlotte Hutton
Lincoln University


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Lincoln Uni has broken into the top 25 in university league tables

We beat out Newcastle, Sheffield and Edinburgh

Railway footbridge outside Engine Shed to be named ‘Mr Gilbert Bridge’

‘Goodbye first rate education, hello University of Lincoln’

We spoke to the Lincoln Deliveroo student who slid down Steep Hill

Did someone order a legend?

Lincolnshire Police are going to be testing people’s hands for drugs in clubs

Wash those hands, the drugs police are in town

Lincoln students came together to sing Toto outside the library and it was beautiful

It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from memes

Quack are having a Harry Potter party tomorrow

Grab your tickets before they ‘disapparate’

It’s official, Lincoln Cathedral is the best cathedral ever, and don’t we know it!

Suck it, Inbetweeners

We want you to write for The Tab Lincoln

Apply now!

The Christmas Market is the best thing about Lincoln

It’s definitely not the swans

Everything you’ll hear in the girls’ loo on a Lincoln night out

‘We need a picture with the bull’

Every mistake you’ll make when you study English at Uni of Lincoln

Admit it, you’ve done all of these

These are the freshers you’ll meet at Lincoln

The gap year students are the worst

What it’s like living with psychology students

Spoiler: you’ll become a human guinea pig

All the people you’ll meet in your 9am lecture

You’re definitely one of them

We asked you what you call this piece of bread

We’ll be debating about it for the rest of our lives

What was your first email address?

[email protected]

Expectation vs reality of life at Lincoln

It’s not all rainbows and unicorns…but more rain and swans