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Women’s March ‘seeds of resistance’ mural defaced, male commenters run riot

Commenters resorted to Holocaust jokes

Student Body president-elect arrested over Spring Break ‘did not even recall coming down to Key West’

William Smith Meyers pushed over two Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Babes that need to run for president in 2020

2020 marks 100 years of women’s right to vote

Eric Trump really screwed up this time

He breached election law on the day his father is on the ballot

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They told a Jewish reporter ‘You will be first in line for the camp’

People on Instagram are saying Tiffany Trump looks like Sid from Ice Age

Seems harsh

Jill Stein is not a meme

I’ve heard people say she was a crackpot, but I never fully believed them until I saw this

Gary Johnson has an erection and he wants you to know about it

Why does the Libertarian’s campaign video look like an ad for ED medicine?

Where the hell did all the rom coms go?

Romantic comedies are the most satisfyingly indulgent fairy tales

New poll released today says Hillary and Trump are tied

They’re neck and neck at 40 percent each

Yes, I’m liberal and yes, I’m still a patriot

Loving America doesn’t have to mean loving Reagan

Bernie or Bust is losing steam, says new poll

Only eight percent of Bernie fans say they’re voting for Donald Trump

I campaigned for Bernie Sanders but now I’m voting for Hillary Clinton

Hillary has always been the smartest woman in the room

Hillary secures delegate count to win nomination

She will be officially nominated at the DNC in Philadelphia next month

Why this election is the bane of our generation’s existence

And how it will haunt us forever

Our $20 million SG budget should fund Kanye West’s debt

Impact was the overwhelming victor — but Kanye’s still $53 million deep