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Women’s March ‘seeds of resistance’ mural defaced, male commenters run riot

Commenters resorted to Holocaust jokes

Student Body president-elect arrested over Spring Break ‘did not even recall coming down to Key West’

William Smith Meyers pushed over two Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Students Organize for Syria is handing out roses today

they are asking fellow students to open their hearts to Syrian refugees

Man holds up sign calling for Trump to ‘Defeat Israeli Terrorism’ at Turlington

It also writes “We are getting screwed by the ‘Jewish state'”

Campus Safety and GPD need to make some serious changes

‘Suspect not found’…ever

The Tab UF is searching for new writers

Be part of the global media franchise reaching 8 million people every month

Liberation rally to be held in response to Swastikas on campus

We’ve seen two incidences of hate symbols at Turlington Plaza in the past few days

How to wear an everyday velvet look this winter

You need velvet in your life

‘Shots fired’ at Simon’s nightclub

This is a developing story

Babes that need to run for president in 2020

2020 marks 100 years of women’s right to vote

Rory Gilmore is just a hapless millennial like the rest of us

It’ll all be OK, girl

Eric Trump really screwed up this time

He breached election law on the day his father is on the ballot

The terrifying anti-Semitism of Trump voters

They told a Jewish reporter ‘You will be first in line for the camp’

Donald Trump now only has a 10 percent chance of winning

According to the New York Times

Literally no newspapers have endorsed Trump for President

Trump is right to criticize ‘the media’ – none of them want him as President

Trump says ‘grab women by the pussy’ in 2005 tape

This is just the latest in Trump’s awful record on women

Saturday’s Florida vs. LSU game postponed


BREAKING: Classes canceled Friday due to storm

‘People have less than 24 hours to prepare’

Donald Trump Jr. and Tomi Lahren are coming to UF this Saturday

They will be livestreaming on Facebook from the UF vs. LSU game

UF students deserve to know exactly what’s going on with their student government

The system is still in play and it is not game over