Robins got into Uni of York’s library and students are loving it

The library even made them a student card

Robins have been keeping students studying in the Uni of York’s library company, “flying in and out, all day long”.

According to the Uni of York Library’s Twitter page, the birds have been frequent visitors because of all the windows being kept open “for covid reasons”.

It’s a well-known fact that it is very hard for students to drag themselves to the library, but robins? Not so much.

Students working in the library have even been tweeting pictures of the robins who they’ve named their “study buddies”. The robins have been visiting so regularly they’ve been given names by students, with one bird being named “Stan.”

Regular visits by these new “study buddies” have caused a thread of tweets solely devoted to them, with the Uni of York Library even creating a “Student Card” for the little birds.

The University of York library’s Twitter page have reached out asking if other universities have been paid regular visits by robins: “OTHER LIBRARIES of the UK and beyond! Is it just us getting a load of robins in, or..?”

This comes as robins have been using the library since January, when they were first seen paying the library a visit. Since then, the robins have been spotted on the library floor, under desks and even on chairs.

The robins have become so used to being around students at the library, some people have noticed how tame they have become. There will be robins in Courtyard next.

Whether it’s because of the cold weather or because they just fancy a study session in Morrell, these robins have deffo visited the library more than most students this term. Who doesn’t want a robin “study buddy” keeping them company while trying to write an essay?

Featured image via Twitter @dignam_sarah, @Megan_1306 and @Dudgeon_EllieP 

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