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A third year’s guide to surviving your first year at York

Dishing the Universi-tea on university life


Without a doubt, one of the hardest parts of coming to uni is the alternate life you now lead. Leaving your weekly roast dinners behind for weekly (sometimes daily) pot noodles. Saying good bye to your family for strangers. But fear not, those strangers will soon become family. At least one of your new uni relatives will be able to teach you how to not burn pasta (whilst attempting to boil it).

Here is THE ultimate list of top tips, if you're a fresher at UoY, looking to smash, or simply survive, your first year.

1. Stay on top of things

Number one piece of advice. It may sound easy and simple but it is the best thing for making your time at uni a lot less complicated.

Also, lecture replays and reading lists are there for a reason, if you don't fully understand a topic then just watch that part of the lecture again or read the reading, genius stuff!

2. Join as many societies as you can

From Taylor Swift society to University of York Boat Club, there's something for everyone. Not only is it amazing for meeting friends it's also invaluable for building skills that you'll be able to utilise later on in life.

3. Don't go "out out" if you don't want to…. you'll probably thank yourself later

If you do go "out out", have a pint of water and a paracetamol before you go to bed. It eliminates almost all hangover symptoms the next morning.

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Even though you'll get some smashing family portraits from Revs.

4. Make your room as homely as you can

A cushion? Some fairy lights? A small poster? just call yourself Kevin McCloud.

5. Book that Turnitin appointment

You know you don't plagiarise, but Turnitin will quadruple check for you to ensure you didn't subconsciously recite something you'd read somewhere. You don't want to lose out on any marks, every little helps (who do I think I am, Tesco?).

6. "Always use contraception"

7. Learn basic domestic skills

Your flatmates wont be happy if you leave a crusty Heinz bean on the counter for two weeks. If you make a mess, clean it up.

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Also try not to set your shared kitchen on fire.

8. Keep in touch with your friends and family back home.

Even if you're settling in just fine, they may be feeling lost without you.

9. Feeling overwhelmed? Speak to your supervisor.

They can point you in the right direction. We're all in this together.

10. Get a Lowther card

Cheeky trebles for £2.75!!

11. If you go out a lot get a platinum card

You will save sooo much money to spend on Wednesday night Salvos.

12. House online shops are WORTH it

You can see all of the offers online and tend to actually spend less money than if you went into Nisa or Morrisons. You also don't actually have to go anywhere either.

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Then you can spend the money you save, on Dominoes!! They deliver to most colleges.

13. Use the 66a and 66

£3 for a return or £2 for a single into town, unless you use the thief lane bus stop (which is cheaper!).

14. The BEST takeaway in town has to be *drumroll* Salt 'n' Pepper.

The pizza is fab and doesn't make you feel almost instantaneously nauseated. They also once gave me free cheesy chips with gravy… so I may be a little biased.

15. Celebrate the festivities you would at home

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Our flat-mas (flat Christmas) in first year could feed the masses. We had two turkeys? Some say we're still eating it all.

16. Go to those college formals

They're a fun way to celebrate all your hard work throughout the term.

17. Library nachos are the BEST thing since sliced bread (do not fear, a veggie option is here)

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The infamous nachos.

18. Continue to go to Freshers Fairs

Every year you spend at York as you always notice another exciting society or organisation you didn't know existed, there's always lots of vouchers and freebies.

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Free candy floss? What more could you want.

19. Don't like any societies? Join your college committee

You will also meet a lot of new people this way and feel like you're truly achieving something by helping others.

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Me on Langwith committee (LCSA 2018/19)

20. Drink plenty of water

Look after your body and it will look after you.

21. Don't start a fire

Check that you and your housemates have turned the ovens and hobs off at night when making your late night shnacks (10 points to whoever finds the burnt oven gloves in the cover photo of this article).

21. Last but certainly not least, the Geese (they deserve a capital letter). They are our beloved pets, however:

21a. Don't touch.

21b. Don't feed.

21c. If they look at you/hiss at you, run and don't look back.

But fear not, amidst all of the things you will experience at York. You will love every single experience (the good, the bad and the ugly) for making you the person you will be in three or four years.

Now that's the universi-tea.