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Ten years on and York staff member Claudia Lawrence is still missing

The search for the missing Uni of York chef continues

Claudia Lawrence was last seen walking towards her Melrosegate home on March 18th 2009 at around 3pm. She had just finished her shift as a catering assistant at Goodricke College.

On her way home, she rang both her parents and a friend. But Claudia was reported missing by her father, Peter Lawrence, on the 20th of March having failed to turn up for work and then not meeting up with her friends later that day.

The working theory, according to North Yorkshire Police, is that she met with someone known to her on the evening of the 18th of March or the early hours of the 19th.

Police insist she never intended to disappear, but rather had come into trouble. Though a number of arrests have been made, all searches have led to a dead end.

The investigation has since been scaled down, but remains an active murder inquiry following extensive area searches. Police continue to appeal for further information, insisting the answer to the mystery is community bound.

On the anniversary of his daughter's disappearance, Peter Lawrence spoke to the Chronicle at his York home, saying: "It just keeps going on and on, its getting more difficult to believe [that Claudia is alive] as time goes on."

Friends of Claudia gathered on Monday evening at York Minster to light candles and spread hope for the future.