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York’s Fittest Fresher: The Final

The end is nigh

Little over two weeks ago, we asked for your nominations for York’s Fittest Fresher.

We were inundated with names and have quite frankly become obsessed with scouring Morrell for the fittest of faces. All good things, however, must come to an end. Cast your votes below to crown your winner.

Jasper Wind Tordoff

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“It feels unreal (to be in the final) and winning would mean more than a degree.”

Ophelia Westaway-Christopher

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When asked what it would mean to win, Ophelia responded: “Finally, something to put on my CV.”

Ben Winsey

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“Making it to the final of York’s Fittest Fresher is the culmination of my life’s work thus far. I’m not exaggerating by saying, nothing – not even my inevitable 2:1 in women’s studies – would make me or my family prouder than taking home the crown.”

Vote below to crown your winner: