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University of York introduce ‘Yorcup’ scheme

It is part of a campaign against single-use plastics

Yorcup has been introduced as a collaborative project between "Eat at York" and YUSU in order to improve the University's sustainability efforts.

A replacement to the single-use cups , the Yorcup is an environmentally friendly and convenient alternative.

A Yorcup can be bought for only £5 at any food or drink outlet on campus (East and West).

Additionally, with your Yorcup purchase, you get your first hot drink free!

Once you've finished using your Yorcup, you can return it to any YUSU outlet and get it washed free of charge. It will be stored until the next time you buy a hot drink.

By showing your green Yorcup sleeve every time you purchase , your nice hot beverage will be served in a Yorcup.

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One of the "Yorcups", bought at The Glasshouse.

This initiative comes after a recent "Latte Levy" was placed on all single-use takeaway cups. If you choose to get your hot drink in a takeaway cup on campus, an extra 20p will be added on to the total cost.

With the Yorcup, however, you get a lovely 20p discount on every hot drink (alternatively, if you choose to eat in, you would be charged the original price).

As an environmentally-friendly and money saving alternative to the usual single-use coffee cups, the Yorcup is definitely here to stay.