Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson is coming to York

The event is being hosted by Nouse

The former English Defence League leader, Tommy Robinson is coming to York in January.

The event will be the first of the Nouse Chats series, hosted by the campus newspaper. According to Nouse, “the series aims to encourage debate and discussion on campus with a wide range of ideas and concepts, and to provide an opportunity for students to engage with the ideas, big or small, that shape and impact our world.”

In the past, there have been several speakers at the uni which students weren’t too happy about, including Milo Yiannopulos (Milo didn’t end up appearing), and George Galloway. This event is no exception, the description even states that, “Nouse understands that there will be a protest taking place outside the venue, which we welcome as a peaceful expression of opinion.”

Speaking on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News show in 2013, Robinson said, “Islam is not a religion of peace; it never has been and never will be.”

Politics second year Zoe Thompson said: “I’m all for listening to other perspectives but there’s a line that he crosses.”

The event will take place on January 19th, from 7pm – 9pm. To find out more, click here.