It’s forecast to snow in York tomorrow

*Insert “winter is coming” joke here*

This evening and tomorrow, snow is set to hit York. Watch out for lots of snow pictures on Facebook and the same terrible Game of Thrones joke from literally everyone.


Wentworth winter wonderland

Rain is predicted to turn to snow from late this evening into the morning hours of Wednesday.

4 to 8cm is predicted across the hilly areas of Northern England but heavier bursts could bring snow down to the lower levels, although the Met Office have said “there is low confidence” at this stage.

Hes Hall in the snow

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning of snow, however the worst thing that is likely to happen is the amount of snow pictures you’ll see on snapchat.

Whilst the likelihood remains quite low, Met Office have said that there could be a potential medium level impact. This means that some travel routes may be affected and journeys may require longer travel times.