George Galloway is speaking on campus next week

He is sure to divide opinion

Controversial politician George Galloway is speaking on campus next week thanks to YorkX.

The event titled, ‘Outspoken: Akul Pankhania in Conversation with George Galloway’ will take place on Monday 6th June at 7pm in P/L/001.

Like YorkX’s previous events, which have hosted Green Party leader Natalie Bennett and former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg, the evening will take the form of a one hour talk-show style interview followed by 30 minutes of open discussion with the audience.

The Respect MP may be known to some for pretending to be a cat on Big Brother, or for his dismal London Mayoral election campaign. However, he is most famous for his views on Israel and Palestine, having declared his constituency Bradford West an “Israel free-zone” earlier this year.

Galloway has in the past called Hezbollah a “national liberation movement” and even walked out of a talk in 2013 at Oxford university upon realising the student he was debating was an Israeli.

When asked about the potential for controversy surrounding Galloway’s booking, Pankhania told The Tab:

“If there is, then it ought to make an interesting and lively discussion especially with the audience. There’s no point in inviting speakers to simply nod and agree with everything they say. At university we should be able to debate and grapple with different points of view.”

Tickets are free and are available here.