Homophobic letter printed in The York Press

The letter is titled “Pride promoting immoral behaviour”

A letter published in today’s edition of The York Press has sparked outrage due to its homophobic nature.

The letter, from Mr Alexander Ogilvy, of Lindsey Avenue, York, wrote in to say:

“So-called “gays” are apparently planning another summer of bizarre “Pride” activities around our city.

Their childish parades and stunts seem to promote immoral, irresponsible and dangerous behaviour. They are also an unnecessary nuisance.”

Whilst the letter has already been removed from the York Press Website, the damage has been done with Twitter users calling the letter “bigoted” and saying the decision made by York Press to publish it was a “deliberately inflammatory” move.

York Pride has responded to this letter in a statement commenting that whilst, “It is very unfortunate to encounter these comments in the month running up to York Pride, but we believe that it simply reinforces the need for the day in the first place.”

Greg Stephenson, the Chair of York Pride, also said in the statement: “We want to show that York is one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in the UK, and we will continue to do so for long as there is a need for it. We are looking forward to 18th June and seeing York once again turned into a City of Rainbows as part of our Raise Your Rainbow theme.”

The Press have announced that they will be publishing an apology in tomorrow’s edition but some, including YUSU LGBTQ network member, Emily Hollingworth, have said that this is, “too little too late, and has already done the damage it was intended to cause”.

When reached for comment a spokesman for The York Press told The Tab: “The Press would like to apologise to any readers who were offended by the publication of a letter in [today’s] edition regarding York Pride’s planned events. This letter should not have been published and we are disappointed that it slipped through our normally very stringent editing processes. We would like to remind readers that the views expressed in published letters are entirely those of the author and in no way reflect the opinions of this newspaper. The letter has been removed from our website.”

The Editor of the York Press has personally apologised to the chair of York Pride.