Clubbers of the week

Clubbing, chlamydia and cold walks home

Damn York, back at it again with another week of clubbing, chlamydia and cold walks home. I’ve just spent the last hour trawling through enough club photos that I need never to go out again (jokes on you all though because I don’t go out anyway).

Here are the best and some of the rest. Enjoy.

Hotties of the week

True love

Runners up

Close, but you really ought to be in fancy dress or stash in Salvos…

Hero of the week

If only the football club shared his ambition

Most subtle fight of the week

Without the aggressive choking, it still makes a good cover photo

Questionable pulling technique of the week

Incredible college football promotion

118 188 look-alike of the week

“Hello Operator, yes hi I’d like to pull please. You’ll put me through? Cracking, thanks.”

Unorthodox photo pose of the week

What’s he looking for?

Peeping Tom of the week

York’s Clubber of the Year can’t get enough

Chef of the week

No words

Matching Garms of the week


Photobomb of the week

He was probably sober it’s fine

Shameless event promo of the week

Absolutely banged by all accounts

Runners up

I don’t even want to how you qualify for that accolade

Couple of the week

Foot pop of the week

Princess Diaries all over again

For now, ciao ciao