Glasshouse is Hes East’s one and only treasure

Its not all just barren wasteland

If you live on (or have ever been to) Hes East, you’ll know that it’s basically a wasteland inhabited mostly by rabbits, geese and Computer Science students.

Thinking of the benefits of living here can be difficult, but there are some. You’re first on the backseat of the bus game in Freshers’ Week, no asbestos in the accommodation and kitchens so big you could fit a sofa in there. But of course we are forgetting the treasure that is the Glasshouse.

You’re usually only drawn there because you need cash from the one and only cashpoint, or the wind tunnel has physically swept you there. But the first thing you’ll notice is the surprisingly good taste in background music. From S Club 7 to Adele, you Wont Stop Moving, while you Reach for the Stars as you and your friends Bring it all Back to the table, the second round of drinks well on its way on a Friday Night. Too cheesy for you, or are you a Marmite fan?

Twice a term, the Glasshouse satisfies everyone’s guilty pleasures. The tables are moved and the dance floor is set for everyone to cut some shapes to TLC or The Spice Girls. It’s all fun and games until the buses arrive from Hes West and suddenly you’ve only got a square inch to show off your dancing prowess.

However, if its not for you, there’s always the pool table waiting so you can challenge that cocky flatmate you’ve all secretly hated since Freshers’ Week. Just as long as it’s not surrounded by boys in rugby sweatshirts, drunk off half a pint of Carlsberg. They’re same boys who get a bit too competitive at the Monday night quizzes. Yes they may know who scored the winner for Wigan in the 2013 FA Cup final, but they fell for it in the wipeout round when asked how many cats Moses brought onto the ark.

Although, if you’re going to go to the Glasshouse quizzes be wary of the bonus rounds, you may be roped into musical bumps, air guitar or aggressive lip syncing. The winner last week managed to get 21 items of clothing on his body in 15 minutes, so be sure to bring along an easily persuaded flatmate.

The last tempting aspect of The Glasshouse is its inspiringly themed drinks. If a Ballroom Blitz tickles your fancy, or you’re more of a college spirit type and want to big-up Hes East then take advantage of the two for £5.50. There’s twenty cocktails to choose from. With old friends, like a Long Island Iced Tea, and new, like The Horny Humphrey, be careful not to slide off the high chairs at the end of the night.