The double life of a fresher fashion model

From Kuda to the catwalk

Picture the scene: walking for Dior at Paris Fashion Week one day and then getting up in time for your 9 am lecture the next. Imagine trying to combine being a fresher with the demands of fashion shoots and travelling the world.

Sound like an alien concept for you? Well not for Gabriel Curry, first year Law student who is also an international male model. We spoke to Gabe, ironically through Skype as he was away modelling, about juggling his course with his career, keeping up with work and pulling girls.

To begin with Gabe wasn’t keen on the idea of being a model (weirdly).

He said: “I got into modelling when I was in McDonalds with my dad in Waterloo. A scout came up to me and asked if I was a model and when I said no asked if I wanted to be. It was that simple.

“I didn’t want to do it at first, but my family talked me into it. I had to get some photos done and then visit several agencies in London. I got a few offers and then chose the agency I thought was best.”

Gabe (middle) leading a seemingly normal life

However he soon warmed to the idea when realising the benefits of travelling over the world and living the high life.

“So far, my best experience modelling has been doing a shoot for Topman or walking the catwalk for Dior. It probably sounds really cheesy but getting sent to places like Paris, New York and Milan at such short notice is amazing. Combined with getting to meet loads of cool people from around the world.”

Gabe walking for Dior AW16 in Paris

With his first modelling role at Milan Fashion Week in June, Gabe has been modelling for just over six months, yet has already secured many high-profile jobs.

However although successful in the fashion world, he finds the same success doesn’t often apply itself to winning over the ladies.

“I don’t usually get more attention from girls on nights out. If one of my friend’s tells them that I’m a model then sometimes I do, but I’ve never noticed a massive difference.

“I haven’t found it too difficult juggling modelling with my course. I’ve prioritised the fashion weeks this January but they only come around twice a year, the next time being June when we will have broken up for the summer. I have to go up to London for a shoot on average once a fortnight, sometimes twice a week, other times nothing for a few weeks. But it is quite easy to fit in everything.”

Gabe (far right) still finds it easy to partake in uni life

Although securing a job many would dream of, Gabe remains dedicated to his course.

“If it got to the point where I was really struggling with my course because of modelling I’d stop being a model.

“I only want to do it part-time, whereas law is something I want to have as a career.”

We all knew the University of York was better than London, Paris and Milan.