Living off campus in your first year isn’t all that bad

It’s lovely to get a break from the constant squawking of geese

It may mean paying £139 a week, a 15 minute commute to lectures and having to get a bus to meet up with your mates, but living off campus isn’t actually all that bad.

Missing out on college accommodation may have been a bit of a bummer to start with, but now I’ve got an ice dispenser, smart TV, en-suite and free and unlimited access to a fully equipped gym. Plus, I don’t have to worry about getting locked out of my room at two in the morning and having to embark on the journey to the porters as I hang my head in embarrassment.

Sure, you have your YUSU bars on campus and only have to roll out of bed 5 minutes before your lecture, but living off campus means we can get a takeaway after a night out, and be home while it’s still hot.

Fancy a Vikings? Just cross the road

“Where do you live?” One asks.

After some incoherent mumbling, you finally give in and ask: “Have you ever heard of Student Castle?”

Typically, you’ll be met with a blank stare before beginning to explain the wonders of off-campus life to them.

No red notices in here

It’s about a 30 second sprint from the sweatbox of The Duchess, so worrying about how many layers to bring when attending Phats on a Friday is a non-problem when you live at Student Castle: jogging there and back in a t-shirt does the trick and takes no time at all.

Of course, Student Castle does have its negatives. Not only have we had to endure the constant sound of drilling and the unproductive banging of metal tools for the entirety of first term, but also, we’ve been forced to learn quite a few things about inter-societal relations as a whole.

Within a short space of time, you realise the importance of smiling at the builders and security guards, regardless of how hungover you are. It’ll save you a glare in the long term, and you won’t have to worry about being rejected at the door at 4:47am when you stumble in with your drunken mates. You also get to meet a whole load of other students, particularly York St John gym lads – who are very cheeky indeed. Their predrinks are reminiscent of the first time you tasted alcohol, except with slightly worse music in the background.

Once settled, you realise how fun being off-campus can actually be, especially as it means living within walking-distance of basically everything in York that matters.

So, if you’re ever tired on a night out, and you’re wondering why the club is still buzzing with freshers at 4am, it’s possible that the legends you see don’t live on campus. They probably live in Student Castle. They don’t need to rely on a bus, taxi or long and painful walk to get home.

Don’t pity us, we’ll go home when we’re ready.