What’s the worst thing you’ve done in the club?

‘I shagged a girl in the toilets and then got with her sister’

Connor, History, second year


“Got a love bite.”

Niamh, Politics, third year

“Peed myself, all the time.”

Lex and Rhodri, Politics, first year

“Lex said he was in the Polish Mafia in the middle of a fight, and that I was his hitman who would fuck them up.”

Sean, Accountancy and Finance, third year

“Sexual acts.”

Jack, Music Technology and Applied Electronics, third year

“Sat next to my friend getting fingered. It’s happened three times now.”

Ash, History, second year

“Got with a girl in the toilets – a bouncer was banging on the door for like five minutes and then we got kicked out. Essentially we would have had sex if we didn’t get kicked out.”

Adam, Accounting and Finance, third year

“Shagged a girl in the toilets, got kicked out to the smoking area and then got with her sister.”

Jenny, English, third year

“I puked on a table in freshers’ week.”

Alex, Politics, third year

“I ran away from a girl in terror because she said she was in love with me, although the name she was calling me was my best friends name.”

Jonty, Criminology, first year

“Banged someone’s head off a urinal.”