Campus style: Shoe edition

These boots were made for walkin

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It’s time to lower your eyes – this week’s campus style is purely below the ankles. Whether you’re wearing brogues or boat shoes, Converse or Clarks, we’ve spotted you and tracked down who’s been wearing the best creps.

The Tab hit up the library to seek out York’s most stylish and studious and to see if the students of York were giving another meaning to the word “footnotes”.

Oliver, second year, Politics

Will, third year, Environmental Geography 

Alex, second year, Politics

Jess, third year, Criminology

Aquib, third year, PPE

Eric, third year, Philosophy


Abigail, third year, English Language and Linguistics

Magda, masters, Post-War Recovery Studies

Yuchen, masters, Social Policy

Isobel, third year, Environmental Science