We asked what you spent your loan on

Student Finance would be proud

betting bubble wrap cost lego loan money silly student

We all know the temptation when your student loan lands in your bank account. Despite most of it immediately disappearing into the university’s coffers, some of you have managed to buy some pretty strange things while it lasted – so we went out on campus to find out what.

Joanna, fourth year, Astrophysics

“I spent some of my student loan making a calendar full of nudes. Of myself.”

Alex and Tom, Lego Society Presidents

“We spent most of our student loan on Lego. But it was worth it for the free chips we get whenever we hold Lego Society meetings.”

Elliot, first year, History

“I bought 50 square metres of bubble wrap.”

Taylor, first year, Chemistry

“Me and my friend decided to spend some of our student loan on bets. I won. He didn’t.”

Ben, first year, Computer Science

“My uncle spent the entirety of his student loan in the first week. He was a Christian and believed God would provide for him. He didn’t.”

Wannabe Princess Leia (he wouldn’t tell us his name)

“I bought a Princess Leia Slave Girl outfit. I think it was for Halloween.”

Adam, fourth year, Accounting and Finance and Fred, third year, History of Art

“We spent £40 on granny outfits each and then tried to buy a mobility scooter. Fortunately, we were too hungover the following day to go and pick it up.”