You can now buy Willow T-shirts online

True love never dies

Willow have started selling their own branded T-shirts, much to grieving fans’ delight.

The Willow was a unique, and in some ways very special, place, and its demise affected us all, directly or indirectly. However, there is a way to show your endless appreciation for the stickiest place in York.

Those who are committed enough to be on The Willow’s mailing list received an email this week inviting them to purchase a Willow t-shirt, online.

You can now lounge about at home or swan around campus proudly, all the while commemorating the sticky, prawn-cracker-offering, vomit-inducing haven that was The Willow Disco.

It’s an end of an era for some – but for the most hardcore fans, the Willow lives on in the form of a t-shirt featuring Vicki Fong’s iconic ‘Love It or Hate It’ design.

Vogue material

For those slightly out of the loop, the Willow’s official site is here, and you can pick up a Love It or Hate It shirt for just £10 here, lovingly packed by Tommy and Soo Fong.

I’ll take five.