Meet the student Eggheads

They applied when they were drunk

Earlier this year a bunch of smart-arse second years went on TV’s Eggheads because they thought they was clever.

The team was made up of Josh ‘McQuizzer’ McGillicuddy (team captain) – Medicine, Charlie Bush – History, Steve Scott – Biology, Will Hardy – PPE, Harry Bissell – Electronic Engineering, and their backup quizzer Jonathan Hunt – Physics.

The clever bunch exclusively met with The Tab to tell us about their experience.

When we asked why they chose to apply we weren’t surprised to hear they were drunk when they did it.

Team captain, Josh said: “We were watching eggheads at pre-drinks one time (#ladsnight) and knew that we could easily beat these professional quizzers.

It’s not like they have won who wants to be a millionaire or brain of Britain or the World Quizzing Championships or anything.”

When asked about the experience itself, Electronic Engineering student Harry said: “Everything about it was hilarious and fairly surreal. The most surprising thing for me was how much I enjoyed being pampered and having some make up on. My skin looked absolutely flawless, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t tried out more since”.

The boys can’t tell us if they did beat the Eggheads because of some silly legal reasons, but they did tell us some cracking funny stories about the filming weekend.

Josh’s compulsory selfie

History student Charlie said: “Having been told by Harry there was a swimming pool at the hotel, in the morning I decided to go for a quick swim to get myself pumped for the tough day ahead. I went down the corridor in my swimming shorts and towel over my shoulder before realising I didn’t know where the swimming pool was.

“Harry was asleep so I couldn’t go back and get more clothes on, so I had to bravely go down to reception to ask. Much to the initial confusion and then amusement of the staff, there wasn’t actually a swimming pool at the hotel, or within a few miles for that matter.”

Team captain, Josh, had more to focus on than whether or not there was a pool. The medicine student had a sweaty dilemma. He said:

“Looking back, I made a huge mistake in my choice of apparel. The only shirt I brought was salmon pink, and 95% nylon. Disaster. Long story short, with sweat patches as wide reaching as Kevin Ashman’s general knowledge, they had to take off and iron my shirt to dry it, with tampon-esque sweat blockers for my armpits to prevent any sign of my poor shirt choice.

Within 5 minutes these were next to useless, ultimately leading to the last resort – a granddad cardigan”.

We tried to bribe them to tell us if they won, but all we got was PPE student, Will, saying “We wouldn’t want to give anything away before the show is aired. Suffice to say, we’ll be having a new University Challenge team this year…”

The show will be aired later this year, make sure you tune in and see if York’s very own Eggheads did us proud.