BNOC 2015: Group Two

Only your mum thinks you’re special


As the battle for the most coveted crown in York rages on, we give you the second group of contenders to the throne.

Who wins? You decide.

Archie Parker

Archie can be found in most Clubbers of the Week thanks to being perhaps the biggest photobomber at York. He has a fantastic variety of faces from what have been described by his friends as his “jizz face” and his “you want some?” face.

One of his mates said “you never have to worry about Archie snaking on your lady friends”, well isn’t that nice.

Tom Jackson (Tommy J)

He’s that fresher that joined uni all posh and proper in his Barbour jacket. But after less than a term he’d been transformed into a snapback-wearing gangsta kid. He’s said to be “pretty fly for a white guy”

Tom Armston-Clark (Tom AC)

Tom nominated himself and said the following:

“I’m in Derwent. But not like that – I don’t own any stash and I haven’t made a go-pro compilation of my best ski trip moments. Reluctant Derwent.
Why I should be your BNOC 2015? Even asking that question is an insult. I’m hotter than the sun and bigger than the ocean. I am a big name. All the guys want to be me, all the girls want to be with me. Hockey legend until I got banned for streaking. Have been described as York’s version of Jeremy Clarkson.”
He provided his own picture too.

Connor Goodwin

Connor is known as that guy who always does some acrobatic pose outside Revs. So much so, he’s featured in over half of The Tab’s Clubbers of the Week. And that’s not even because he’s paying whoever does it.

Cartwheeling to Willow

But who is the biggest name on campus?