BNOC 2015: Group One

If you’re not nominated, you’re a nobody

Over the Easter break we received your nominations for the University of York’s 2015 Big Name on Campus. Now it’s time to vote.

The power is in your hands to change the life of one York legend.

There will be four groups, starting with today’s marvellous line-up. The candidate with the most votes in each group will go through to the final.

Victoria Chater-Lea

Victoria is known for her frequent classy appearances in Revs and her polarised edgy look in Mansion. She’s known by her friends as a “pouncer/romancer” and can be guaranteed to be while girl wasted on a night out. This full-time party-goer can pull some cracking poses when she’s drunk and is known as VCL across campus.

Thomas Ron (Tron)

Recently elected YUSU Academic Officer is known all over campus. In fact his name is mentioned almost daily on Yik Yak, with many yaks asking to date him. We hear he’s still single.

Michael Duncan

Known for being Chair of Vanbrugh College 2013-2014, but for some even though he’s not Chair any more, he’s still Chair of their hearts. (Their words, not mine).

Shaq Noor

Shaq is well-known across Halifax for being that STYC who got de-STYC’d. His freshers said he was the best STYC that there was because he preferred to get drunk and party with them then show any role of responsibility.

After being de-STYC’d, the Head STYC had to come and apologise for his drunken behaviour (vomit. Lots of it). Nevertheless, his freshers think he’s an absolute “don” and deserves this special award.

Which of these fantastic four is the biggest name on campus though?