Five minutes with YUSU pres candidate: Ben Leatham



It’s the last day of campaigning week and apparently we still care about it.

We waded our way through the sea of cardboard and found Ben Leatham campaigning away on Hes West.

Of course we interrupted his day and bombarded him with stupid and pretty pointless questions.

But the kind guy agreed to answer all of them. What a gent. He even said hi to me in Salvo that night too.

So here’s all the important things you need to know about this YUSU presidential candidate.

Course and year

“Philosophy Third Year”


“I grew up in Fotan in Hong Kong!”

Sum up your campaign in three points

  • “Improve communication by creating an official student petition site, updating YUSU’s website and rethinking YUSU’s weekly emails.
  • Change YUSU’s attitude to improve support for student groups and create a new focus on employability.
  • Loads more, from ensuring YUSU finance gets online, to pushing the university to increase investment in colleges”

The excessive cardboard signs on campus drive people crazy. What have you done that’s different to the recycled cardboard box?

“I’ve ventured into acting and have done a campaign video based on ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen!”

(He’s not kidding, watch it here)

Would you be opposed to introducing a “on Wednesdays we wear pink” rule (a la Mean Girls)

“Definitely, it’s sooo not fetch.”

(At least he understood the reference)

Describe your ideal first date

“A conversation filled evening in one of York’s bars.” 

If you won, is there somebody in line to be your First Lady

“I used to have a pet hamster that I loved and adored. She died about 10 years ago though and I’ve been heartbroken and alone ever since.”

Three qualities you look for in a partner

“Outgoing, kind and intelligent”

Revs, Kuda, Salvo or Fibbers?

“Salvo upstairs!”

Tell us your most embarrassing story from your time at uni

“I took part in my college’s take me out event last year. Awful.”

(We found the footage, watch it)

Do you have any hidden talents?

“I know how to say ‘Where is the toilet’ in Cantonese.”

Who would you most want to go for dinner with: Taylor Swift, Michelle Obama, The Queen?

“T-Swizzle hands down.”

Any hidden piercings, tattoos etc to tell us about?

“I have a tattoo on my right butt cheek #cheeky”

(We couldn’t get a picture, sorry ladies)

If you don’t get YUSU Pres what are your plans for next year?

“The ideal would be a graduate job with Cancer Research UK!”