We asked you what your plans were for Valentine’s Day…

But we only targeted single people

Valentine’s Day – the day that sends single people on a downward spiral of emotion. And no, it’s not just the girls.

We asked ten unlucky lads and ladies what they had planned for the most romantic day of the year, and it was just as depressing for us to hear what you were up to as it was for you to tell us.

A few girls were a bit shy when they admitted they were intending on watching your typical, sappy romantic films whilst cuddled up to their best mate and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s (because on Valentine’s Day, it’s nice to spoil yourself).

Then there were the boys, who only showed an ounce of embarrassment telling us their plans to do pretty much the same as the girls, except maybe with a pint of vodka instead of ice cream.

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First year, English and Related Literature

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First year, English and Related Literature

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