York’s worst club revealed

Democracy is a cruel mistress for some

Following last term’s article on the worst club in York, things got a little bit shirty.

Apparently some of the managements’ of a few clubs didn’t like the fact that they were being advertised as “bad” in any way. Even though every club made the list.

Cries went up supporting York’s nightlife from all around and angry comments dominated the Tabosphere.

That is all irrelevant now.

The people have spoken and this is what they have decreed:

sorry guys…

It seems that Kuda’s mixed crowd and expensive drink prices have made it the least popular club in York, followed closely by the putrid stench of VK’s and vomit that is Salvation.

Just absolutely no fun all round

Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, Willow renamed itself on the poll to ‘Bullet’ halfway through the polling and so probably didn’t rack up the amount of votes it deserved.

No surprises at the bottom of the table as “Phat Fridays” at the Duchess seem as popular as ever, despite the serious risk of injury on the wet floors.

But congratulations must go to Fibbers as the real lowest scorer. The mixture of the popularity of their Rebel Thursdays and regular house, techno and disco nights on a Friday have spelt real success for the establishment.

Having way more fun

Revs remains a mid-table finisher, and Mansion still remains irrelevant. No surprises there then…

So, what we can categorically say when looking at these results is that to have the best fun if you’re planning a night out in York, you’re still probably better off going to Leeds.