YSJ student punched by disgruntled neighbour in row

She was playing loud music

A shocked second year had a nasty surprise in August when her pissed off neighbour hit her twice in the face for playing loud music.

Owen Ronald Robson, a 57 year old local man, decided to take disciplinary action after the students next door were playing loud music.

Katie Pettigrew was hit in the face twice

Katie Pettigrew was hit in the face twice

York Magistrates Court heard that the man entered into an altercation with Katie Pettigrew, a student from York St John University.

The situation ended in Robson hitting the girl twice in the face, once on the cheek and once on the nose, leaving the girl with a visible bruise.

Although it turned out the student had swung at Robson first, Judge Adrian Lower deemed Robson’s first hit to be self-defence, but the second to be an unnecessary blow.

Lower said: “Whatever the rights and wrongs at the beginning of the incident, you went far too far throwing a blow at her when she was throwing abuse at you… this was antisocial behaviour on your part.”

Robson was made to pay £200 in compensation to the student, and £85 in prosecution charges.