York Uni in Yik Yak top peeks

Everybody wants to be us

Forget getting a degree from a top university, we can now claim our uni has been on Yik Yak’s top peek near list. Put that on your CV. 

York Uni’s Yik Yak scene is known for its YSJ abuse, overuse of the word “Kuesday” (stop that please) and horny students discussing their masturbation habits.

The rivalry will never end

But yesterday it was spotted that York Uni made it to the “peek near” list which only means we’re super funny and everybody wants to be us.

Well done, York.

We’re amazing

Fuck you USA

We’re clearly better than Oxbridge

Students were absolutely delighted by the news that we’re above all our Russell Group pals in what can only be described as the top procrastination app of the year.

Such a proud student

Our Yaks about wanking, one night stands, hangovers, boring lectures, hatred for geese and our overdrafts are being suggested to the rest of the world to read.

God knows why. But we’ll accept it. And be smug. Fuck you Oxbridge.

American Dream? Nah, York Dream

Forget about us falling in the league tables, forget the result of that essay you wrote the night before, forget about that ugly munt you pulled last night, just think about the important things in life:

York, you are funny, your humour is top notch and out there for the world the read.

Keep Yakking.