Students to pay to be part of their college

It’s not optional

It has been announced this week that a college membership fee will be introduced to fund a new college staffing scheme. 

Students studying for a three year long degree will have to pay a one-off fee of £30.

YUSU Pres, Sam Macguire, told Nouse this week that: “The college membership fee is vital to ensuring that everyone gets something positive out of their college experience.

“Ten pounds a year is not a lot considering that at other institutions you pay up to fifty pounds a year.

“However, the fee has to be justifiable, and if students next year do not feel like they are getting value for their money, they should communicate this through their Junior Common Room Committee/Student Associations, and YUSU.

“Some of the money generated should also go to the student committees who are underfunded, and I want to work with the University to ensure that this happens.”

College membership fee will apply to every college

College membership fee will apply to every college

The new system sees the Provost and Dean roles replaced with College Principal and College Officer.

The new college staffing structure was piloted in several colleges last year including James college. Second year James colleges students said:

“The new scheme is really good at helping students settle into university life. The College Officer is a great person to help the JCRC organise events and is there as someone to speak to who isn’t an academic.”

After these piloted schemes, from next academic year each college will have a part-time Head of College and full time Assistant Head of College.

Does £10 a year really seem that much?

Does £10 a year really seem that much?

The uni has agreed that these changed will carry an increased cost but also give students a “more rounded college experience as a result.”

Student opinions about the proposed plans are mixed. A 2nd year Engineering student said: “I don’t see why they can’t include these costs more subtly. Like add £10 to everyone’s accommodation each term in First year.”

Another student said: “it’s great to see that these roles will be introduced across all colleges, and I think it’s fair that students should pay for this.”

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