We asked for your best Sheffield snow pics and you didn’t disappoint

We love you, Sheff x

From snowmen drinking Stella in Western Park to the mad man who swam in Crookes lake, Sheffield in the snow is beautiful.

So beautiful in fact, we thought it would be criminal to not celebrate it with a meticulous guide through all of our favourite pics. Enjoy.

The Botanical Gardens look like the set for a rom-com starring Hugh Grant

Credit: Joel Moore

Credit: Joel Moore

Classic ‘Arts Tower looming over Crookes Valley Park’ pic, snow edition

Credit: Benji Holland

Please don’t drive down Conduit Road

Credit: Robbie Ostrowski

These aesthetic pics of The Diamond almost make the nine grand a year seem worth it

Credit: Yzzy Bostyn

Western Park looking iconic as per

Credit: Elena Attard

Loving the snowman’s eyebrows here

Credit: Clint Varghese

Some even brought their GoPros out

A collision was caught on camera

Credit: Iwan James

Can we call this a snowMILF?

Credit: Tom Watson

Well this is oddly terrifying

Credit: Briony Aykroyd

Our hearts melt for this romantic duo

Credit: Nikhita Jaya

We couldn’t finish this without a Sheff doggo

Credit: Rachel Boyd

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