Black Hallam lecturer finds whiteboard rubber scrawled with ‘n****r’

The uni is investigating

Sheffield Hallam University is investigating after a whiteboard rubber was scrawled with the word “n****r”.

The rubber was found by black psychology lecturer Peter Olusoga, who sparked fury when he tweeted an image of the racist remark.

“So I just found this in a classroom,” he wrote.

“I’d love someone to tell me that I’m reading too much into it and that someone from West Africa is just expressing patriotism on a whiteboard eraser.”

He added: “But in reality, its definitely what I think it is, isn’t it? And if anyone thinks I’m okay with that in my place of work, just watch this space.”

Twitter users reacted with shock, branding it “disgraceful” and “horrendous”.

Now Hallam has launched a probe and vowed to take “appropriate action against those involved”.

A SHU spokesperson told The Tab Sheffield: “This is not welcome in our university community and will not be tolerated in any form.

“We pride ourselves on being a diverse, welcoming and supportive University for all our students and staff.

“Appropriate action will be taken against those involved where they can be identified. Anyone who is affected by this incident should contact a member of our student advice team for support.

“The University has training and resources in place for our students, staff and partners to promote inclusivity and equality in our community.”

It follows outcry over a Uni of Sheffield student throwing a banana at a black Hallam student during Varsity ice hockey in 2018.

The same year, a black student was allegedly called a “monkey” by a security guard at Hallam’s library, after forgetting his student card.

Whiteboards for student feedback at Adsetts library were also daubed with the words “too many asians (brown ones)” in April 2018.