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Tab Me Out is back for 2019: Nominations are now open

Love is in the (campus) air

February. The month of romance, love and passion.

But I guarantee that either you or someone you know will be spending their Valentine's Day sat at home in front of a Netflix box set, with a microwave meal for one to 'enjoy'. I definitely haven't referenced this from past experiences…

Instead of allowing that to happen, why don't you nominate yourself or someone who you know who is single (with their permission of course) to go on a blind date set up by us at the Sheffield Tab!

Nominate yourself or a mate for Tab Me Out here

All you need to do is fill in the form below and we'll match them up with another nominee, allowing you to sit back in the glory of setting up a blossoming relationship. Although we can't guarantee this will happen, the thought of it is nice, right?

Think of us as Paddy McGuinness and Cilla Black rolled into one, without the awful catchphrases or the questionable 1960s haircut.

Last year, Tab Me Out saw a number of successful dates. Some of the people who featured last year have even ended up in relationships! (Not with the people we matched them with, but oh well.)

Nominations are open for the foreseeable future, so what are you waiting for? Fill in the application form today!

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