Tab Me Out: Harry and Georgia

How supreme was their Taco Bell date?

Following on from the success of Will and Eleanor's date last week, nominations for Tab Me Out continue to come in thick and fast.

Third year politics student Harry Hatter and second year chemist Georgia Griffiths went on their date on Wednesday night, at the romantic hotspot of Taco Bell on Devonshire Street.

In their own words, here's a wrap up of the night:

Harry on Georgia

On paper, was she your type?


What did you talk about?

We were there for two hours, so quite a lot. Whether my neighbour's dog should be forgiven for shitting in my garden twice in a week was my personal favourite topic.

Any awkward moments on the date?

None that I was socially aware enough to notice.

Favourite thing about Georgia?

She's very easy to hold a conversation with, which is a great trait to have.

If she was a restaurant in Sheffield, where would she be and why?

What a ridiculous question.

What was the vibe of the date?

It was in Taco Bell, so naturally very formal.

Did you go anywhere afterwards?


Do you want to see her again?

Yes, I'd see her again.

Georgia on Harry

On paper, was he your type?

Yeah I think he pretty much ticked all the boxes for my type!

What did you talk about?

We talked a lot about our uni courses as well as nights out/drinking, music taste, societies we're in, the cities we're from (mainly the differences between Sheffield/Manchester/London) and some other stuff.

Any awkward moments on the date?

I don't think anything particularly awkward happened, unless you can count the awkwardness of both trying to eat a messy Taco Bell meal and talk at the same time!

Favourite thing about Harry?

I'm naturally inclined to say his beard as I do generally have a slight obsession for them, but aside from that I'd say how much he made me laugh, he is pretty funny, and very easy to talk to.

If he was a restaurant in Sheffield, where would he be and why?

I don't know which specific one, but he'd definitely be an all you can eat buffet restaurant considering the amount of food he ate in Taco Bell. Maybe a Chinese one since he studied it at GCSE, or maybe not as he can only remember the word for bus.

What was the vibe of the date?

The vibe was nice, quite chilled and relaxed. Probably due to us being in a fast food restaurant, but he was also really nice and easy to talk to which helped with it.

Did you go anywhere afterwards?

No we didn't go anywhere else. I was really tired towards the end, but only because I hadn't slept well the night before! So I just needed to go to sleep.

Do you want to see him again?

Yeah I think it would be nice to see him again!

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