Meet the Oxford student whose bedroom is going viral because it’s literal heaven

The city of dreaming spires really is dreamy


A University of Oxford student’s tweet showing off her gorgeous bedroom has now gone viral. 

Ellie Redpath, a third year Classics student at Magdalen College, Oxford is going viral for photos she posted of her uni accommodation with the caption “one last term in the bedroom of dreams”. She has since received thousands of likes alongside comments and retweets. 

Some students just can’t stop fangirling over her room. 

Others, on the other hand, are comparing it to their accommodation at their own university. 

It’s about time we met Ellie, the girl behind this bedroom of dreams.

The Tab Oxford: Why do you think your tweet has blown up?

Ellie: I’ve posted pictures of my room a fair few times to Twitter as they always seem to be received quite well – I think it represents the idealistic view of Oxford a lot of people have in their heads, which doesn’t always match up to the reality of the workload and the unglamorous bits about living and studying here.

The Tab Oxford: How did you initially decorate your bedroom?

Ellie: I’m a big fan of fairy lights so initially I brought lots of lights from home and went wild with them! I also have a peace lily and a spider plant which I somehow haven’t managed to kill, and lots of pictures up on the walls, including some my grandfather took. He died when I was quite small but he was an amazing photographer so I love having some of his pictures up to feel closer to him.

The Tab Oxford: What do your friends think of your room?

Ellie: Honestly I wasn’t the highest up on the ballot in my year by any means, so a lot of my friends have absolutely stunning rooms too! One of the big selling points of mine though, apart from the general vibe, is that it actually has a secret door behind the wardrobe which leads to a spiral staircase. I discovered it back in Michaelmas when a few of my friends moved the wardrobe for me so that we could investigate the secret door. It’s definitely the most interesting place I’ll ever live, and I wish covid restrictions hadn’t been a thing so that I could have hosted more gatherings in my room.

The Tab Oxford: Do you do photoshoots in your room or generally spend a lot of time there?

Ellie: I mostly work in the library as I find it so hard to concentrate in my room! But aside from that I do spend quite a lot of time there, I have a coffee machine in my room so that’s definitely an incentive. I also do take a lot of photos both of the room itself and of me in it, mostly because I’m a bit vain but also because the lighting is honestly to die for especially in front of the bay window.

The Tab Oxford: Do you have any interior design tips you want to share?

Ellie: I think my most important interior design tip would be to fill your room with things you love! I wasn’t going for a certain ‘look’ when I decorated mine, I just filled it with lights, fake flowers, and stuffed animals as that’s what makes me happy and feel comfortable. Ultimately with coronavirus I think we’ve all spent more time in our rooms than we would like, so I think making your space wholly yours, no matter how big or small, is actually really important for your mental health.

Image Credit: Ellie Redpath