Notts Trent grad’s stolen phone was given back after thief saw her graduation pics on it

Only in Notts x

A Nottingham Trent grad had her stolen phone given back to her, after the thief saw her graduation photos on it.

Sian Palmer had a nightmare after her graduation when she realised she’d dropped her bag on the way home – with her phone inside, which contained all of her graduation photos. The next morning, she tried to locate her phone using Find My iPhone, but it had been disabled.

In a desperate attempt to get it back, the 20-year-old coaching and sports science graduate called her number from a friend’s phone, and to her surprise, got a response.

The individual who had her phone began sending her messages, and said in a text message to Sian: “After I saw the msgs about that you’ve just graduated… I wouldn’t feel good with myself”.

Underneath that Nike Tech tracksuit there is a good heart. Sian told The Tab Notts that she “reckons his conscience is catching up on him”. He then went on to praise his good deed, saying that he “easily could bypass the passcode at work and sell it.”

Was all worth it for the cute graduation pics xx

Sian says she was unsure of the individual’s integrity at first, not certain as to whether she would ever see her iPhone again, messaging him, “are you acc going to give it back?”

Despite her doubts, he stayed true to his word, giving her his phone number and arranging to meet her at a shopping centre in Nottingham, but he asked for something in return. Sian went to meet him with a friend, but said she was still scared.

He gave her the phone back in an iPhone box. Her phone case had been taken off, but the phone itself appeared to be intact. The sim card and ID had been taken out of the phone, which he told her was because the phone shop had taken it apart. For returning her own phone, Sian gave the individual £20.

Sian then asked the man for help with her bag that she had also misplaced, to no avail, but he told her that he had seen it near the “Premier shop in St Anns”.

Sian and a friend went there the next day to try and find her bag, but say they “couldn’t find it anywhere”.The individual then messaged her friend from his personal phone number, saying “I keep finding your stuff”, then said he also had Sian’s bag and her phone case.

Ok bigman x

Sian made a hilarious TikTok out of what happened, joking that they were “arranging our date” (for collecting her phone), and professed her excitement for “when we finally got to meet”.

Is this a wholesome story, or not? I can’t tell. Either way, makes for a funny graduation x

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