Everything you know if you’ve ever lived in an all girls uni house

Micellar water, cranberry juice, flavoured gin and cowgirl hats


Living in an all girls house at university is a unique experience to say the least. From the smell of baked goodies to the endless supply of skincare in the bathrooms – seriously how is there any stock left in boots?

These are the best, and worst, things about living with girls.

The struggle of fighting over one washing machine

Girls have an endless collection of clothes which of course need to be washed. When living with all girls you’ll find yourself in a constant battle to get your clothes in the washing machine first, even then it’ll be a long line before you get the chance to finally get a load in.

There is never enough bathroom space

It doesn’t matter how many cupboards or bathrooms there are in the house there’s one thing that is for sure and that’s there definitely won’t be enough space to house everybody’s vast collection of skincare. From cleansers to moisturizers, to face masks and bath bombs, it’ll be a squeeze to make sure it all fits.

Deliveries everyday

Whether it’s Hermes or Amazon, there’s one thing thats guaranteed when multiple girls live together and thats the endless stream of parcels being delivered to your house. There will be no judgement comes from your housemates though as you all feed each other’s spending habits.

 A continuously growing shoe collection by the front door

Like with clothes girls always have a vast collection of shoes. When living with multiple girls you’ll soon find most of everyones collection will end up by the front door at some point or another.

Dirty white airforces till I die

Each room is decorated to the max

From fairy lights to tree vines, girls love to decorate their rooms to make it homely. Having said that, when living with just girls, there are bound to be three or four different aesthetics within the same house, not one room will be alike.

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Put a tapestry up, am basically an interior designer

One of you will inevitably become the mother of the house

There’s always going to be someone in the house who knows the essentials like how to turn the gas and electrics off in an emergency and what’s best to get a wine stain out of the carpet – gotta get your deposit back. They will be your life-saver and we are forever grateful.

Your periods will all sync up and yes, it is traumatic

You’ll find out very soon that everyone’s periods sync up. This means plenty of grumpy girls, many movie dates, and lots of tubs of ice cream. This also means that if you run out of sanitary products, one of your house mates is bound to have spare.

Daily GBBO

There will always be someone baking whether it’s cookies, brownies or cakes. In our house, every single one of us has plenty of baking supplies – there’s always something freshly baked and ready to demolish

More pink gin that anyone can possibly drink

If there’s one thing you’ll notice in an all girl’s house, it’s the pink gin. Whether its classic Gordons, a Lidl knock-off, or something a bit more swanky, you are guaranteed to find at least one housemate hoarding plenty of the stuff.

Absolutely no one wants to remove the spiders

Who would have though such a tiny being could instil such fear? Whilst the rest of you are screaming and avoiding the only bathroom in the house like a plague, one of will have to step up and remove the spider, but be careful because when you’ve done it once, you will be burdened with this task for the rest of the year.

This might surprise you but girls aren’t actually tidy

There is a common assumption that boys are super messy and it is true, boys are disgusting but girls aren’t any better. When you’re in uni half the time and the other half is spent out clubbing, there is simply no time for cleaning. With all our lotions and potions girls create a new kind of filth: makeup and toiletry grime.

So. Much. Hair.

There is just hair everywhere. On the floor, down the side of the sofa, embedded into the carpet, everywhere. With multiple girls living together, unblocking the shower drain from the mass of hair blocking it becomes a weekly occurrence, just make sure you’re not the one doing it as it truly is a butters task.

Don’t have an outfit for Crisis? Just raid your housemate’s wardrobe

One of the best things about living with your besties is deffo that your clothes selection extends beyond just your own wardrobe. When you’re tired of everything you own and your ASOS order isn’t arriving in time before the biggest event of the week, just simply borrow, or steal, your housemates’.

I’m a mouse… duh.

There is ALWAYS someone in the shower

When you’re bored of house hunting and you’re at the point of thinking any house will do, even if it only has one shower between six of you, we’re here to tell you this simply won’t cut it. How long each of you takes in the shower will inevitably the biggest point of contention and arguments you will have in the house over the entire year – nobody needs a whole 45 minutes.

You will feel like sisters by the end of the year

LLiving in a house of all girls isn’t smooth sailing. You will bicker and you will fall out but of course you will inevitably make up again. Living in a house of girls is bound to make you become closer and you will grow so close to the point of feeling like sisters. You all have each other’s backs and support each other no matter what.

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