Kimbolton Avenue flooded with TV crews since news of £40k party fine

Kimbo is famous, and for all the wrong reasons

Kimbolton Avenue has been completely mobbed since last night- when news of a £40,000 fine for a house party on the street broke out. The four Trent students, fined £10k each, lied to the police about having 30 people in their house on Tuesday 20th October.

Proceeding Tuesday’s events, Kimbo has been busier than ever, making Rothesay’s Banksy look like old news. The house in question has had a continuous flow of press knocking throughout the last 24 hours- with cameramen based opposite the house waiting for the residents to come out and the BBC recording live coverage late last night.

With students being interviewed by Sky News, The Times, BBC, ITV and the Daily Mail to name a few, it’s fair to say there is a buzz around the student area (And who doesn’t want to be on the 10 o’clock news?!)

A UoN student and Kimbolton resident was approached on her way home from a one night stand this morning. She told the Tab Nottingham: “I was walking back in the same clothes as last night when a member of Sky news came up to me asking for an interview. I didn’t think my parents would appreciate seeing me in the same clothes as last night on national TV, so I politely declined”.

Another student who is a close neighbour to the house was stopped on the morning of Wednesday 21st by The Times. She said: “The Times were asking about when the party stopped. We just said we were surprised how early it got shut down, the house tends to be a pretty loud house anyway, and we are used to them saying ‘good morning Lenton!!’ on a megaphone.”

Kimbolton has since gone viral on TikTok and made it to the Snapchat discover page with Sky News.


A spokesperson for Nottingham Trent University said: “On receipt of that notification we immediately launched an investigation, and each student has been suspended pending the outcome of our investigation. Any student who is found to have breached our disciplinary regulations can face a range of sanctions, up to and including expulsion.”

Fair to say there won’t be hide and seek jokes any time soon…