Stop everything, Nottingham Uni are hiring a professional beer taster

This is actually a real thing

The University of Nottingham have officially advertised for professional beer tasters. No previous experience is needed, all you need is a love for beer.

If you manage to get through the rigorous selection process, you are paid up to two hours of beer tasting and training a week.

Successful applicants will not only have a strong sense of smell and a curious nature, but, crucially, be willing to consume alcohol.

Less than one unit per session will be consumed, sadly

Though this may sound like a dream job, Christina Dietz, a PhD student running the project, revealed  that it’s actually hard work. The beer taster trainer shared how “actually becoming a trained beer taster is hard work. It is serious science involving careful analysis and evaluations of flavour and aroma that will enable our research team to better understand the flavour of beer and help our industry partners improve their products and test out new technologies and ideas.”

The science behind the beer tasting is something you need to get used to in the job, as you will need to become familiar with the aroma and how the flavour changes over time. You will also be expected to discuss the smells, tastes and sensations of the beers in detail.

If you still think you can take on the role, you can find out more information on how to apply by emailing [email protected] by September 20.