Prince Andrew is coming to Nottingham to officially open George Green

Its FINALLY done

George Green library is finally finished and Prince Andrew will be on campus tomorrow to officially open it.

The £18 million project has taken almost 3 years to complete but the final final completion day is here.

The original completion date was stated as summer 2015 so the building work has been an annoyance for students for much longer than expected but is providing much needed study space on campus now that it is finally complete. And now its getting the royal seal of approval.

The library is welcoming their ‘very, very special’ guest between 2 and 5pm but there’s no exact time available for to the public so if you want to meet the Prince you’ll have to linger for a while.

The visit of His Royal Highness does mean that parts of the library are closed during the day and you can only use the entrance on the Pope side between 2 and 5pm.

Hopefully now the incessant drilling will end.