There’s going to be a UoN vs. Trent EATING COMPETITION

Forget Varsity, this is a battle that matters

The Uni of/Trent rivalry is one that is inescapably experienced by any student that attends either university. Although most vocal during Varsity season, an event coming to Nottingham on Monday night could resurface old antagonisms.

Deliveroo are organising a man vs. food eating style challenge at Nottingham’s mecca of big food eateries, Rub Smokehouse; pitting Trent and Uni of students with big appetites against one another in a bid for a big form a glory.

The event is being organised by Nicole Gibson, a recent Trent graduate who now works as a Commercial Associate for Deliveroo’s Midlands branch. The 21 year old told The Tab: “I was hired because Deliveroo wanted someone with good experience of the student market to come up with exciting new ways to engage students through events and social media.

As I’m a recent graduate with good friends from both NTU and UoN, I thought an eating challenge would be a fun way to get students from both universities involved in some friendly competition, especially as no student is going to turn down the opportunity for free food.”

The event will be hosted by Tab alumni Kate Ovens, who has found internet fame with her YouTube videos, KatesFoodChallenges.

So why should you take part? Well if the promise of free food, bragging rights, and the opportunity to represent your university in a challenge that really matters doesn’t tempt you – Deliveroo are also giving away £500 worth of vouchers to the victor.

If you think you have what it takes, or you want to nominate your friend for the challenge, simply tag the name on the event’s Facebook page by noon this Friday. The tags with the most likes will then be selected to compete.

However, if you’re unlucky this time do not fear as Gibson assures us there will be many more opportunities for students to take part with Deliveroo in the coming New Year.