Best of Buy/Sell this week: Desperation edition

‘Why can’t girls trust me??’

Amid the thousands of posts looking for Crisis and Ocean tickets, the odd train ticket, and a hoard of lost student cards this week, lurks the desperate boy. Desperate for a girl to love him, for answers to life’s biggest questions and money to pay a petty fine, Nottingham boys this week aren’t a happy bunch in the Buy/Sell world. Plus, the girls who are just having a good time.

When Ocean ends up costing an extra £75, times get desperate

the suggestion of worthier causes to donate two in the comments section should put this guys woes into perspective

Straight to the point

Buy/Sell might not be the place for you existential crisis

this is definitely the way to get girls to trust you…

The modern day Romeo and Juliet

the magic of buy/sell actually reunited these two in just a few hours, sans glitter this time

Not that Theo likes to brag at all… (yung yatty anyone?)

a bargain at just 1 mil. such an all rounder, sporty, intelligent and a pretty face, are your juices flowing yet?!



Dick’s plumbing services, here to help

offensive on many levels, but straight to the point. Betting she sent a friend to get the card for her though.

Ocean poetry at its finest 

a good effort is always appreciated, maybe make it rhyme next time?

Look at that face!

I’d take Humphrey over Ocean any day