Best of Nottingham Buy/Sell this week

Someone found a phone in a freezer in Lidl

Buy/Sell is the backbone of life in Nottingham, from random cats to desperate, desperate pleas for Crisis and Ocean tickets. Sometimes people get creative with it or someone’s just down right stupid but there’s always something to talk about. What would we be without Buy/Sell?!

Here’s this week’s best posts:


but look at his cute face, why wouldn’t you want to keep him?!

Send help

sometimes only Crisis will fix the pain

Possibly the first ever Nottingham meme

broadmarsh who?

Forgotten something?

despite the absurdity of this whole thing people’s main issue with this was the fact she’s got her dad on snapchat

Any excuse

do we have any proof this is a lie though?

Desperate times desperate measures

This guy’s got the right idea after the election this week – an offer you just can’t refuse