Who was the best dressed in Freshers’ Week?

Did you make the list?

Freshers’ Week is the busiest fancy dress time of your life. It’s the first time you get to impress your new housemates and everyone you’ll be surrounded by for the next three years. From Baywatch to Back to School these nights are tradition and you only get to do them once.

Its a time to impress and this year’s freshers pulled it out of the bag once again. Who do you think looks the best?


Zoe – Lenton and Wortley

Going for full Pamela Anderson vibes Zoe’s red swimsuit is perfect for Baywatch. There’s no way she got it off for the theme song though lets be honest.

Georgia – Lenton and Wortley

Georgia showing how we all feel about the people who refuse to dress up. In the classic Freshers’ Baywatch outfit but with added inflatable she’s got no time for your checked shirt mate. Be more like Beth and show some commitment.

Arthur – Rutland

Grass skirts never looked so good, paired with the floral shirt, its bang on beach vibes.

Ali (+ friends whose names he didn’t know) – Lenton and Wortley

Full squad effort from Ali and team and the boys actually putting in more creativity than the girls for a change.

Heaven versus Hell

Eleanor and Kirsty – St. Peter’s Court

These two angels made the most effort of all on Wednesday night, complete with wings they outshone the devils in Rock City by a mile.

Back to School

Crystal and Michaela – St. Peter’s Court

Back to School is an easy theme to get right but the added glasses, tie and optimistic graduation cap add extra points to the classic shirt combo.

David – Lenton and Wortley

Full points to David. Very few guys made any effort at all for this night and if there’s one thing you can say about David, its that he put some effort in.

Jess and Amari – Hugh Stewart/Derby


Beth – Derby

Hit Me Baby One More Time indeed- Beth combined her role model and back to school vibes in one outfit, spot on for both.

Role Models

Amelia, Ellen and Holly Anna – Lincoln

Some people grow up wanting to be a Spice Girl, some want to be a nurse and some people just wanna be themselves.

Jordan – Southwell

Fresher’s is a time when dreams come true, no one is judging your full kit here Jordan.

Zoe, Georgina and Laura – Sherwood

Female power should be everyone’s role model.