BNOC of the Year 2016: Round Four

I promise we’re nearly done (kinda)

You know the drill by now. Vote below for your penultimate selection of potential BNOCs:

Pete Lendon, Economics and Econometrics, First Year 

Reason for being nominated: “Her name is Pete, and I mean do you know another girl named Pete… She’s President of BGP, she never misses Crisis, she was hockey fresher of the year, she’s decent at football too; you can’t walk around campus with her because she just chats with everyone. She’s just a funny, sound girl to be around and she loves everyone so everyone loves her back. I mean, people chant Pete eheheh when they see her. She’s probably going to be SU President one day.”

Describe this BNOC in 3 words: “Tequila? Stinky Pete.”

What’s their most BNOC story? “Pete has more stories already than most third years; she has thrown up in the Great Hall, drank piss, been brought home and showered at 9:30pm, and went to A&E twice in freshers week. She’s just the funniest and most tragic person on campus.”

Leo Lightfoot, American Studies and History, Second Year

Reason for being nominated: “Can’t walk anywhere with him without having to stop every 10 metres to let him say hi to every fucker under the sun.”

Describe this BNOC in 3 words: “Tall filming guy.”

What’s their most BNOC story? “He was flying his camera drone above Highfields lake, when it collided with a bird. He posted about it in Buy/Sell and got 2.5k+ likes (of course he did), sparking a university-wide search for it in the lake. Managed to get it back, only to get in trouble with the Uni for encouraging people to go swimming in the lake lol. And, having seen the footage back I can confirm he actually killed the bird, contrary to his post on Facebook. Bless x”

Adam Wilkins, Physics, Third Year

Reason for being nominated: “Saved a drone from the lake with his feet.”

Describe this BNOC in 3 words: “Sharp, witty, full of beans.”

What’s their most BNOC story? “Played ‘find the poo’ in Ocean.”

Tom Murray, History, Third Year

This is how Tom dressed for Tab events

Reason for being nominated: “Tom Murray (also known as Murray) is a former Nottingham Tab Editor. Known for his vintage threads and love of grime, this wannabe Moira Stuart enjoys walking from his distant canal side house to campus and listening to shit music.”

Describe this BNOC in 3 words: “Grimey vintage wetter.”

What’s their most BNOC story? “Tom loves to talk about that time he went to China. One day, Tom and his friends were playing beer pong in a rogue hostel bar in a village somewhere in China. All of a sudden it got very heated and his opponents began questioning the origin of the bracelet Tom was wearing. According to Murray, they asked: “did your boyfriend buy you that bracelet?” Tom, being the passionate advocate of LGBT rights that he is, kicked off massively. He accused his verbal assailants of being homophobic and got so riled up he had to be dragged away from the scene, kicking a whole sink off the wall in the process.”

James Perkins, English, Second Year

Reason for being nominated:He’s known for his lagers and smooth chat up lines. He doesn’t even need punctuation because he doesn’t lift, he pulls. Nicknamed ‘The Puppet Master’ (a name he came up with himself), everyone’s sold him their soul in exchange for knowledge of the latest sex scandal. He isn’t in the know, he is the know. Practically an ambassador for the black t shirt and blue jeans combo, he wears little else except for his trainers which are well past needing a funeral. His social media conversations are gushing, the word “well” is prolific but it’s Perkins. He doesn’t need to say anything. And nor do we – the man is not just a BNOC, but the BNOC.”

Describe this BNOC in 3 words:Alcoholic sex pest.”

What’s their most BNOC story? We can’t simply write one story about this guy – literally we cannot do it. Perkins, being the lad that he is, is known for being unable to resist a bet. He lost an odds and got a tattoo of a guy’s name on his arse and then turned it into a radio feature. What a legend.”

Vote below for your Round Four winner: