The Hockey Club had an alumni reunion dinner and it looked classic

Bridging the generational gap with Sauvignon Blanc

Last Saturday the UoN Men’s and Ladies’ Hockey Club had their Alumni Reunion Dinner, bringing back old members of the club and presenting the potential of sports alumni. It looked classic.

The Hockey club’s latest Facebook update showed pictures of how the night went and from the looks of things, it was pretty mad

Mary McCarthy, president of the Ladies Hockey Club said “It was an incredibly successful, and enjoyable weekend with hockey alumni and current members.”

Here are some of the night’s highlights


Never have solo cups and champagne flutes sat side by side so gracefully


“an excellent vintage”


When giving a speech always take regular breaks

It really adds something to the flavour

“Down it fresher” can’t get more classic than that

7-0 up and he gives you that look

young at heart x

still standing

The great joy in knowing you’ve finished your last assignment decades ago