Oceana to close down and re-open as PRYZM nightclub

RIP cheese room

Nottingham’s Oceana nightclub will close down in June and re-open in July as PRYZM, following an £800,000 revamp. While a staple of Nottingham’s nightlife, Oceana has never really been a thing at UoN, although it does have one or two loyal fans who will undoubtedly miss it.

So what can we expect from the new PRYZM? From the sounds of it, exactly the same.

The new club will offer “six distinct rooms all offering a different style of music and vibe”, apparently. Just like its predecessor, it will offer an R&B room and a retro tunes room, but they’ve also thrown in a brand new tiki cocktail bar named Lua Lalai for distinguishing purposes.

Manager Peter Tormey is excited about the new opening, stating “Nottingham enjoys a fantastic reputation for nightlife. It is a young city thanks to its growing and vibrant student population and deserves the very best we can offer in terms of a clubbing experience.

“We are delighted to be opening in Nottingham. PRYZM is an exciting concept and we can’t wait to reveal it to the public on Friday July 1.”

Oceana will close its doors for good on June 19th.